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  • You must link back to us (our link must be up on your site, before you submit your link request) The link MUST be visible & accessible to the surfer on either your warning/index page or your main page, NOT buried on a links page. If our link is on your index page, it must be above the enter button and if it is a gateway page, your index page must be linked to more link sites than just us. This is the address to link to: 

    Use one of the banners below (it must be served from your server NOT this one!) - Or if it fits your site better, then please use a GOOD text link

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  • No free non-adult provider hosted sites (AOL, Geocities, Tripod, Concentric, TheGlobe, etc) odd's are that it'll be closed down soon after linking with us. Please don't even bother submitting the site. 

  • If your site has more banners than pics, you will be declined (exception to that rule would be links or story sites, which usually don't have any pics) 

  • Pay & AVS sites are more than welcome, however we ask that you do 2 things - link to us from outside the protected area as per rule 1 above. The 2nd thing is that you submit us a temporary password/username/URL/whatever so that we may have a look around the protected area. (these will be kept private & shall not be given out for any reason - and it'll probably get you a better description than "Nice samples over here") 

  • No blind, misleading links, FPAs or exit consoles what-so-ever. No one benefits from poor traffic! 

  • This is not a TGP or "post" site, it is a links site - there is a BIG difference.


Add Your BDSM Freesite / Gallery

If your reciprocal link is not present on the site submitted in a prominent location the submssion wont be considered
If the recip disappears then we'll remove you from our list and you will not be replaced

Please link directly to http://www.subdom.net

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